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December 2, 2017

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Angela Hauseman

Someone you should know

angela hauseman

Behind the scenes planner, facilitator, motivator, and resident creative genius is the perfect way to describe our Communications Director Angela Hauseman. Upon joining the Fantasy Flight team in 2015, Angela started out as our Vice President who handled anything and everything all year long to keep the organization running smoothly right up until the wee hours before the flight itself. For the past two plus years, she has also been the creative force behind our newly updated website, announcements, flyers, banners, and general correspondence, as well as the person who singlehandedly cleaned up and standardized our branding on all types of electronic flyers, forms, letterhead, T-shirts, and other souvenirs, as well as routine day-to-day correspondence with our guests and volunteers alike. Without Angela’s understanding of graphic presentation options including logo sizes and font types and color specs and super graphics and clear space, we wouldn’t look half as good as we do while doing the good work that we do. Not only does Angela make us look good, she also makes us feel good. Most every volunteer at Fantasy Flight can say that they have received a thoughtful thank you, reminder, word of encouragement, coaching, boosting up, or in some cases a full blown propping up from Angela. Always mindful of how we can keep the focus on creating a magical day for the children, Angela is all about the relentless pursuit of the creative and personal details that make the difference between good work and great work.

angela and michelle

Santa’s Elves couldn’t make it all happen(i.e., execute) without a great plan. And, the plan comes together every year under the careful work of a handful of people on our board. Of all our board members, Angela is the person who is most likely to float new ideas, welcome change, and even make those changes happen on the ground. It doesn’t really cut it to merely have a vision of how things might be with this group. One has to make that vision come to life by plotting out small, manageable, meaningful steps from where we are to where we want to be. Grand indeed all suggestions may be, but Angela helps flesh out the great ideas to ensure that they dovetail into a cohesive plan for the day. Best of all, and not surprisingly for those who know her, she keeps her amazing sense of humor intact as we make the magic happen.

angela with antlers and george
Through small setbacks and while overcoming large obstacles, Angela can always be relied upon to keep us laughing and get us all focused back on the children when we start to go off in different directions. Angela is one of the hardest working people who has ever been part of the Fantasy Flight team, devoting hundreds of hours each year to ensure that we’re making our lists and checking them twice so that the plans all come together in a seamless way. And, when you meet her you will find that under that sharp wit and sometimes biting humor, she is quite simply a joy to work with every day of the year.

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