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December 1, 2018

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duane mauro

Duane Mauro

Someone you should know

Duane Mauro was born and raised in Seattle, Washington as a second generation United employee. Growing up, he joined a program wherein he could spend half a day in high school and half a day in an aircraft maintenance program in college. Duane continued the program and in 1983, he wanted to get his foot in the door at the airline and landed a job in the flight kitchen until he finished his degree. From there, he transferred to an open position in aircraft maintenance at San Francisco. Around 1987, Duane returned to Seattle and worked in aircraft maintenance. Then around 1999, Duane transferred to facility maintenance as a mechanic. By 2010, Duane took a position as Facility Supervisor in Chicago overseeing facility maintenance on all the non-maintenance staffed stations west of the Mississippi to Hawaii. In 2014, Duane transferred to Los Angeles for his current position as our local Facility Manager in L.A.

duane mauro

If you’re wondering how Duane got involved in Fantasy Flight, this is where his career and personal life intertwine. Back in his early career, Duane joined the local volunteer fire department and worked his way up the ranks to become a volunteer Fire Chief. Having also served as a lifeguard in college, he was a natural for working special operations as a “swift water rescuer” along the river, and he also did forest fire and technical rescues. When asked why he decided to be a volunteer fire fighter, he said he comes from a family of people who like to help out. His dad worked at United as a great role model along with his mother and sisters who were nurses. This explains how Duane naturally ended up volunteering for Fantasy Flight. As our Logistics Director, Duane oversees all of the staging and technical work that we need to make the event look great and light up, literally. Duane’s wife Robin volunteers as his logistics assistant, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, and we quickly discovered that she’s a whiz with the balloons! Duane’s daughter Logan volunteers as the Santa Claus photographer. Duane said he joined because loves seeing the happy looks on all the kids’ faces.

duane mauro

In Duane’s free time, he likes to enjoy his time with his amazing family and dog (Pixie) at their cabin in northeast Washington State, about 50 miles south of the Canadian border. It sounds like a perfect place to retire, although we doubt that he could sit still long enough for that. Luckily, there is plenty of boating and fishing to keep him busy. Until then, you can find Duane working hard behind the scenes at Fantasy Flight LAX.

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